About Us

JK Klang Recycle Sdn Bhd was incorporated in year 2003 and was formerly known as JK Recycle Enterprise that providing recyclable services for more than ten years in Malaysia. From humble beginnings, JK Klang Recycle Sdn Bhd has grown from a small business into organization that boosts a modern range of products and services to accommodate the everyday changing need of our valued clients and the environment in which we live. JK Klang Recycle Sdn Bhd covers an area of 3 and a half acres which strategically located in industrial area of Klang Utama town.

We are one of the most acknowledged waste paper collect, packing centre and accredited packer for GS Paperboard & Packaging Sdn Bhd (GSPP), one of the largest integrated paper and packaging manufacturers in Malaysia. In addition, we also supply to the leading manufacturers of paper across South East Asia, Malaysian Newsprint Industries Sdn Bhd


To support greener world by providing recycling solutions for businesses.


To provide services that exceed customers expectation.


Be a responsible global citizen that forms a changes in the society, for SMEs and entrepreneurs.
Cultivating a leading network of partners and building mutual loyalty.
Maximize gain for our stakeholders, while being aware of our comprehensive responsibilities.
Establishes a proficient environment to work, where people are inspired to be the outstanding they can be and form a strong team.


  • Professional in recycling industry

    ⇒ More than 10 years experiences

  • Business Licenses & Certificates

    ⇒ Ministry of Finance (MoF)

    ⇒ Memborong/Menyimpan Barang Terpakai (Perniagaan)-289

    ⇒ Industry Waste Disposal

    ⇒ Ordinan Perniagaan Barang-barang Terpakai No. 21/46

    ⇒ Berniaga barang-barang lusuh (Brass and Copper)

  • All-in-one recycling service solution

  • Partnership with large corporation

  • Financial Stability

  • Comply with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Concern on customer requirements

Why Recycle

Conserves Natural Resources
Recycling conserves natural resources such as trees, fossil fuels, water, minerals and animals, which preserving and protect the environment for future generations.
Prevents Pollution
Recycling could prevents pollution and cut down greenhouse gas emission by the extraction and processing of raw materials.
Saves Energy
Using recycled materials for manufacturing noticeably uses less energy that required for producing new products from raw materials even compared to all associated costs, like transport. Besides, extra energy is need for extracting, refining and transport of raw materials.
Reduces Usage of Landfills
Recycling diminishes the need of landfills and incinerators, as less waste is sent to disposal facilities when materials are discharged to recycled.


We provide all-in-one recycling service solution for businesses so that they can have peace of mind with one service contact and focus on their core business.

Main Service
We are dealers and trading company in recyclable products such as old corrugated cartons (OCC), waste papers ( pure white, black & white, mixed color), double-lined kraft (DLK),paper roll, paper core and old newspaper which sourced from offices, supermarkets, households and companies.
Moreover, we also collecting general waste, plastics, irons, scrap metal, aluminium cans, old electric appliances and other type of recyclable materials.

Shredding Services
Our shredder services shreds items such as confidential of sensitive documents, CDs, Credit Cards, DVD discs and etc.


The company provides transportation service to our customers to collect the items at their site. We have several types of vehicles and trucks complete with JPJ customs permits and other legal documents. Below are the list of trucks available:-
✔ 1 tonner truck (2 units)
✔ 3 tonner truck (3 units)
✔ 5 tonner truck (8 units)
✔ 10 tonner arm roll truck (2 units)
✔ 16 tonner (Bonded truck)
✔ 32-36 tonner trailer (2 units)
✔ Double – Axle truck

We also provide metal recycle bins facilities placed at suppliers premises for collection. Currently, JK Klang Recycle Sdn Bhd own more than 80 units of recycle bins.

Equipment & Machinery

Since, we ventured into the down stream packaging system , JK Klang Recycle Sdn Bhd have installed Machinery and Equipments. Below are the equipments available :-


↑ 50’ 0” Weight Bridge, which can weight up to 100 metric tones at a time.

↑ 25’ 0” Weight Bridge, which can weight up to 50 metric tones at a time.

↑ Small weighting machine, which can weight up to 5 tonnes at a time


↑ Plastic Shredder Machine

↑ Paper Shredder Machine


↑ 5 units of forklift

↑ 1 unit of Shower Forklift and 1 unit of 5 Tonne Forklift Clamp




↑ Step 1:All material are weight in the weighbridge before it is send for segregation.

↑ Step 2:Weighted Trailer is unloading the OCC at our Factory 1 for segregation

↑ Step 3:All collected material are segregated as per variety, grade, and quality

↑ Step 4:Sorted and separated material later moved through this conveyor to compress the material

↑ Step 5:The Hydraulic Press Machine compressed and send the material as finished goods with packing

↑ Step 6:Finished Goods being stored at our Factory 2 by forklift which is ready for delivery

↑ Step 7:Finished goods being load by forklift to send to our customers

Finished Goods





JK Klang Recycle Sdn Bhd consists of one subsidiary company, which have their own methods of offering services for their valued customers.  

JINJANG PAPER SDN BHD is located at Kepong and equipped with 1 unit of Horizontal Baler Machine, Weighing Machine, 3 units of forklift and 35 units of RORO bins for waste collection. This company provides services around Kuala Lumpur area and also own 4 units of Arm Roll lorry to serve transportation for their valued customers.

Corporate Social Responsiblity

Our commitment to social responsibility stems from the belief that we are a part of the communities we serve, making us as committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as we are faithful to provide the best within the society.

↑ Our respected director, Mr. Chow donated a lorry for the foundation in order to let the foundation members to collect recycle items. The deal was witnessed by Klang town councillor, Committee of Selangor Methodist Association and Beautiful Gate’s chairman.

↑ We also donated several recycling bins within Klang area for the neighbourhood to donate their items.
↑ The “Project for Installation of Recycling Bins for the Disabled ” ceremony was held at Pandamaran Chinese Methodist Church on 13 July 2010. YB Ronnie Liu, Member of Executive Committee, Selangor State Government, Encik Mohd Ehsan, Deputy Mayor of Klang Town Council, Rev. Mok Jet Chuan, Chairman, Beautiful Gate and Ms. Sia Siew Chin, Executive Director, Beautiful Gate, and Mr. Masahiko Horie, Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia, were present at the ceremony (Embassy of Japan, 13th July 2010 ).

↑ We impart recycling education for the local students as well to raise awareness of recycling among young people as they will bring their knowledge home and explain it to their families.
Furthermore, they will become the next generation of good recyclers and install these good habits among their children in the future to make a positive impact in the society.


  • Our business relies on our Supplier's caring as much as the environment and recycling for our future. Our Supplier receive the most competitive transparent rates to improve everyone's profit.

  • Major Top Supplier


  • Our services are designed to cater for our Customer's needs to realize theirs vision and achieve their objectives in line with the country's progress towards Vision 2020. We want JKKR to be the top choice for continuing excellence in professional recycling.

  • Major Top Customer


    We are looking for candidates for the following posts:-

    Position : Logistics Executive
    Roles & Responsibilities :-
    - Arrange and coordinate lorry driver's daily trip to customer premises (include driving lorry if require)
    - Communicate and follow up daily trips with admin
    Requirement :-
    - No minimum qualification
    - At least 1 year related working experiences
    - Excellent time management / estimation of time
    - GDL license : E, E1, E2 (if any)
    - Good attitude and personality

    Position : Lorry Attendant
    Roles & Responsibilities :-
    - Cooperate with lorry driver to customer premises
    Requirement :-
    - No minimum qualification
    - Hardworking
    - Good attitude and personality

    Interested? Send your resume to our email or contact us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry.

    Contact Us


    Lot 2742, Jalan Haji Sirat, Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor D.E.

    H/P No: 016-2203097/3098 (WHATSAPP)
    Fax: 03-33424026
    Email: jkklangrsb@hotmail.com
    Waze: JK Klang Recycle Sdn Bhd